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Ciara Pictures And How women Can Get A Slim And Toned Body Like Ciara

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R&B/Pop star Ciara is not only a great singer, songwriter and performer, she is also the owner of a very fit, slim and well toned body.

You must agree that almost anything Ciara wears she looks good in it. Whether it's in her videos, on the red carpet, a professional photo shot or she was snapped unaware by paparazzi, she is always looking great in her clothing as well as when she dresses revealing.

So how doe Ciara maintain such a lean and trim figure that looks so good?

Ciara works out a lot in the gym. She once said she and her personal trainer works out  for an hour five days a week. 

However, like lots of women who are already lean, Ciara's goal is not to lose weight. All she want is to keep looking toned and remain in good shape. 

But, by looking at Ciara pictures you can see her muscles are toned, but this doesn't take away from her slim, sexy and feminine look.

Ciara Workout Routine

Ciara works her whole body with light weight lifting workouts. In addition to squats and lunges she will do chest and shoulder presses, lateral pull downs, curls, rows and leg work.

When it comes to her diet Ciara admits that she love food too much so a highly restrictive diet is not for her. She once tried the Cayenne Pepper diet, which involves drinking a Maple Syrup style drink with extra pepper to help lose weight through severe calorie restriction.

This is similar to the crash diet that Beyonce did before filming Dreamgirls.

She told OK! Magazine: “I could not get past the idea of drinking what that stuff looked like. I attempted to, but I was like, ‘I just cannot do it’ because I love food too much. It would be so hard to take away physically eating food. Drinking a liquid would not work for me.”

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Ciara stated however that she do exercise dietary control. Surely, to maintain a slender body like her you must be careful with what you eat.

But once the right foods are selected you can eat, be satisfied and maintain a slim body.

According to Ciara, her diet consist of lots of water, protein, complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables.

So Ciara do not starve herself to stay slim, but she ensure that her diet is well balanced and healthy which is good for maintaining a lean body. 

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If you are a woman who want to get a slim and toned physique like Ciara then your action will depend on where you are presently in respect to fitness and your bodyweight.

If you are already lean and do not have much excess fat to lose, then you need to start a workout program that will allow you to tone those muscles to look sharp.

You need to lift weights in order to get muscle tone, but this don't mean that you will grow big muscles.

If  you choose the right program as your program and guide, you'll get guidelines on how to workout to precisely firm up your muscles in specific areas without increasing the size of the targeted muscle.

As a result, you'll achieve muscle tone with little or no muscle growth, allowing you to steer clear off looking too muscular.

If you are overweight getting a slim and trim body is possible once you work hard towards that goal.

For overweight women you can lose body fat safe and rapidly with an effective weight loss program that works with lowering calories and performing lots of high intense cardio. Do not opt for dangerous products and procedures to enhance your body. Simply commit yourself to diet and exercise, you'll get slimmer overtime and look amazing.

All women may not be able to get as slim like Ciara, but lots of women have a beautiful and slender body that is covered with excess body fat.

All they need to do is use the right diet and exercise program to shed that excess fat and reveal a beautiful lean body.

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