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How To Get The Body Of A Male Fitness Model And A Few Male Fitness Model Pictures

Male fitness models build muscle but do not become huge and overly muscular like bodybuilders. It's proven that women find the male fitness model physique more attractive than the bulky bodybuilder look. 

However, many bodybuilders tend to look down on guys that possess the fitness model type physique.

You see many bodybuilders are under the impression that everyone wants to be as big and strong as them.
They see a guy who is lifting lighter weights and doing cardio as someone who isn't as successful in the gym as them.

They mistakenly believe that bigger muscles equates to being more attractive to women. Nothing could be further from the truth!

The Male Fitness Model Body Is Held As The Hollywood Sex Symbol Look

Men in the entertainment industry who're held as sex symbols are not huge and buff.

Hollywood stars such as Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey, Taye Diggs, Shermar Moore, Taylor Laurtner and  Daniel Craig are just some of the names who're regarded as sexy men.

These men are muscular but are well defined. How many huge and buff bodybuilders you know are held as sex symbols? I'm sure the answer is not much.

Therefore, it pays to have a lean muscle build, not an overloaded bulky body.

Male Fitness Models Have To Workout Harder Than Bodybuilders

Lifting weights and bulking up is MUCH easier than burning body fat and getting lean. No matter how big you know it's true!

To get big, you just lift with a high volume of lifts and progressively increase the weight over time.

You don't have to be on a strict diet and you don't have to hit cardio hard. To get lean, you have to lift to maintain your muscle mass, you have to watch what you eat, and you have to hit cardio like a maniac.

The reason you see very few guys in the gym with "six pack abs" is that getting lean is tough work.

A Simple Approach to Leaning Down if You Are Bulky

Getting that lean look is actually simple, but not easy. If you are kind of bulky right now and need to lean down you just need to do a few things:

1) Perform Intense Cardio At Least 4-5 Times Per Week for 30-45 Minutes

2) Multiply Your Body Weight by 12. The Number You Get Will Be The Total Maximum Amount Of Calories You Are Allowed To Eat Each Day...Aim for Less If Possible

3) Quit Obsessing Over Strength

4) Quit Obsessing Over Protein Consumption

5) When In Doubt, Cut Back on Lifting And Increase Cardio

6) You Will See "Six Pack Abs" When You Get Lean Enough. Don't Go Overboard With Crunches and Ab Movements. Cardio is Your Ticket To a Six Pack.

Quit Trying To Impress Guys In The Gym...The Goal Is To Impress Women

When you are hitting cardio hard and limiting your calories, you won't get as big of a pump as you are used to. You will also most likely lose a bit of strength.

The big and strong guys in the gym command respect from all the other guys in the gym.

I made the decision that it was more important for me to be physically attractive to women, than it was to impress the other gym rats.

I aimed to get a physique similar to Matthew McConaughey and haven't looked back since.

I don't care if the guys in my gym think that Matthew McConaughey is a wimp...women drool over this guy. Aim for The Male Fitness Model Look  and Don't Look Back!

Pictures Of Male Fitness Models

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