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Trey Songz Workout Routine - The Workout Routine And Diet Plan Trey Songz Use To Keep His Body In Good Shape

R&B singer Trey Songz had a body that you'll simply describe as "skinny" back when he just came on the music scene. The singer successfully gained a noticeable amount of muscle mass recently to flaunt a much more muscular build. 

However, Trey Songz kept his muscle gains at an average level. He did not go for a massive amount of mass to look overdone. Instead, he looks a bit slim with an ideal amount of muscle and it does look very impressive. 

Trey's new body is another good example of the type Visual Impact is geared to help guys get. It's aim is to guide men to build a lean athletic physique that'll look attractive to women. This program is not about building huge bulky muscles like pro bodybuilders.

In in an interview with, Trey Songz revealed information about his workout routine and diet plan he uses to stay in great shape. Here's how it goes..

Trey Songz Workout Routine 

On his workout routine, Trey Songz said he workout a lot but doesn't rely only on a gym to do so, considering that he does a lot of touring.

Trey will do about 200 pushups a day. He also does situps, but not so much because they're harder for him. 

If the hotels that he go to have a pool he'll try to swim a couple of laps. If they do have a fully-equipped gym he’ll go in there and work out for an hour or two. 

Trey Songz also do lots of running during the week. "I try to run a couple of miles a week just to keep my endurance up"  said Trey. 

When Trey Songz is extremely busy, like when he is in the studio working on a production, all he may be able to do are pushups to keep his body. 

However, when Trey wants to build more mass he must hit the gym because pushups are not as effective for building up muscle mass. 

Gaining muscle mass requires enough resistance on the muscle from lifting  heavy weights. Pushups may work to build a bit of muscle when you're just starting out, but eventually you'll need to progress to heavier weights  to add more mass.

Trey Songz Diet Plan 

When Trey Songz was asked about his diet, there was one thing he was very greatful to be blessed for which is his fast metabolism.

As a result of his highly active metabolism Trey Songz said that he can eat whatever he want. 

He eat steak almost every other day when he's on the road because it’s one of the easiest things to get access to in most restaurants. 

"I eat a lot if steak and chicken, and I try to get vegetables with all of my meals like fresh broccoli and potatoes. Something that can stick to my ribs, because sometimes you don’t know when you’re gonna eat again out here. I try to eat something that’s gonna carry me a long way but I eat a lot actually. Anytime we on our way from a sound check or on our way to or from a show, we’re trying to eat" stated Trey. 

However, Trey tries his best not to eat a lot of fast foods though he's often forced to.

Trey Songz did not reveal his exact workout and diet program that's responsible for his body transformation, but he must have took the right approach to build muscle without bulking up or gaining muscle in the right  places on his body in order to come by the impressive lean and muscular physique he now proudly owns.

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