Muscle Building Program For Men

Visual Impact Muscle Building (A Workout For The Lean Hollywood Look) is a muscle building program developed by fitness expert Rusty Moore to guide men to properly build a lean and muscular body to look attractive. 

If your aim is to build lean muscle mass for a nice ripped look, this program is right for you. It's focused on putting on muscle with exceptional definition for a stunning physique. 

     Visual Impact Muscle Building takes a strategic approach towards building muscle that's aimed at making sure your efforts pay off well and you get a body that attracts after completing the program.

The program works with perfected methods to make sure that you get fast and impressive results, as well as help you avoid getting outcomes that can take away from the attractiveness of your body. Such as; getting too much fat with your muscle, muscle looking puffy and bloated and too much of your gained muscle going to the wrong areas on your body, which are all factors that will create an unattractive look. 

It's common to see guys build muscle and end up with a body that does not look attractive, because they did not do what was necessary to make sure their body end up lean enough with dense muscle mass in correct proportion. This program will guide you properly to avoid that. 

Visual Impact Muscle Building consist of a 72-page eBook with solid information on building muscle by Rusty Moore in the first couple of chapters. Following this is the 3-phase workout program that you'll be following to build lean muscle mass in the best way that would lead to a good looking physique. 

There is also a 227 page exercise guide included with the program that demonstrates how to use the right exercises for each muscle group, with photos included so you can see precisely how they are done.

Course LOADED With Information And The 3-Phase Workout Program Is Highly Detailed.

In Visual Impact Muscle Building Rusty Moore give you lots of valuable information on various aspects of building muscle leading up to the start of the workout program that are extremely useful. He start off by pointing out many common bodybuilding practices that can lead to a terrible-looking physique if you're not careful. 

Rusty goes further on to discuss many myths in bodybuilding that people are falling for, and mentions the various things you should do to ensure you get an aesthetic physique that you'll be happy with when building muscle.

Visual Impact Muscle Building's  3-phase workout program runs up to 2 months each (6 months total) with each phase having a slightly different impact on the muscle. 

The workout program have a great structure to build up muscle mass fast and effectively including the best rep and set scheme, a variety of compound and isolation exercises, and workout routine that'll work well for everyone

You'll also learn how to use the 2 types of muscle growth (sarcoplasmic hypertrophy and myofibrillar hypertrophy) at the right time for getting the proper muscle size and muscle density to create the perfect physique. 

The course also includes a very detailed nutritional guide, advise on supplements (you'll learn the only one recommended and why) and much more useful information that'll put you on the right track.

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Here is a breakdown of the program:

Phase I: Quick muscle gains, by focusing in the higher rep range and limiting rest periods in between sets. This creates "cumulative fatigue"…where each set builds upon the previous set. The growth in this phase is largely due to sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. This is an increase in the fluid (sarcoplasm) within the muscle cells.

Phase II: "Hardening up" the muscle gained from phase I while continuing to increase muscle mass (but now at a slower rate). We are focusing now in the mid rep range with longer rest periods. Each set is separate from the previous set and now we are maximizing tension and avoiding "cumulative fatigue". This rep range and rest schedule builds actual muscle fiber (myofibrillar hypertrophy).

Phase III: Pure density training for maximum definition while purposely avoiding further muscle growth. You will be doing sets in the 2-4 rep range and rest long enough in between sets to lift heavy weights. There will also be a focus on HIIT to lose any excess body fat. This isn't a bulk and cut program, but you will simply try to get really lean in this phase.

Bonus Phase: This is a strategy used after a period of time in phase III to get what I like to call the "Shrink Wrap Effect". You begin this phase 3 weeks before an event or vacation. This will make the skin tight around the muscles for maximum definition…and this is long lasting (NOT like carb-depleting and carb-loading).

Rusty Moore Does A Fantastic Job!

You'll be extremely pleased by the way Rusty Moore walk you step-by-step through the program, giving you firm and clear instructions on precisely what to do to feed and work your body to successfully gain muscle the right way without fat.

He also consistently make notes telling you what to expect, what to avoid etc during your workout as you gradually work your way towards getting a body to be proud of. There are also exercise suggestions in the program for each muscle group in case you're working out at home with limited equipment.

Very Educational, You'll Learn A lot

Visual Impact Muscle Building is far more than just a workout program to build muscle. It's also a highly educational masterpiece that'll give you so much cutting-edge information on strategic muscle building you'll be able to teach other people at the gym a lot of stuff they don't know. 

The creator Rusty Moore is an expert in the field of fitness with over 25 years experience. Apart from working on his own body since that time, he learned from many different sources including a few scientists and other highly knowledgeable experts. So he really know his stuff. 

   3-Phase Muscle Building Program Can Be Customized To Meet Your Specific Goals 

Another great thing about Visual Impact Impact Muscle Building where many other muscle building programs fall short is the ability to customize the program to achieve your specific goals for your body.

Although you'll get the 3-phase (6 months) program to work from, it's designed in such a way that you'll be able to make proper adjustments to suit your current level of development and gain precise desired results you are after.

This is why Visual Impact works for almost everyone that uses it, because you'll be able to add, take off, lengthen, shorten or mix up things a bit to ensure you get specific and satisfactory results. Therefore, there's no reason to worry about not getting results.

- Visual Impact Muscle Building is suitable for all body types. Skinny, chubby as well as muscular guys will get desired results from using this program according to your specific situation and precise goals. 
-This course is well put together, with lots of notes and guidelines as you go along the program, so there would be everything you need to know. Plus, there is a question and answer section by The Creator.

Info On The Creator
As a very knowledgeable, avid and experienced fitness trainer, Rusty Moore is sharply focused on teaching how to get the 'Hollywood look'. 

Apart from this muscle building course, Moore wrote many articles on fitness which are available on many different websites. He also created a fitness program for women and a fat loss program which are all aimed at helping people get a fit, healthy and attractive body.

Rusty Moore's Visual Impact Muscle Building Is Set To Guide You To Get The Attractive Muscular Body You Want. I am Very Confident This Is The Best Choice If You're Aiming For A Stunning Physique. Get It TODAY And Start Learning How To Build A Top-Notch Physique!