Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Why Weight Lifting Must Be A Part Of Everyone's Fitness Regime

Weight lifting also known as weight training or strength training is not just for bodybuilders. Many people focus on cardio exercises only when trying to get in shape, but weight lifting is incredibly important for every fitness plan of both men and women.

It's well known that bodybuilders and other people who want to modify the muscle on their body use weight lifting to do so, but it's important to know that even if your aim is to lose weight only, it's critical to include strength training in your program.

According to health and fitness experts, lifting weights is not just for creating impact on the muscle, it also play an important part in the weight loss process.

It has been shown that people who do cardio only and don’t do any resistance training in their program end up experiencing the negative effects of long term calorie restriction - loss of muscle mass and slow down of the metabolism.

And of course, muscle loss and/or metabolic slowdown would be counterproductive to most fitness goals, so you must do what whatever is necessary to avoid these effects. Weight lifting is a great form of resistance training that will allow you to maintain your muscle mass and keep your metabolism at optimum level to keep burning calories effectively.

So how do you fit weight lifting into your program?

How often you should lift weights, the type of weight lifting exercises to do, reps, sets etc. are all determined by the specific goals you want to accomplish. Each one of the Visual Impact programs includes specific guidelines on lifting weights to achieve a variety of fitness goals for your body including losing fat, building muscle, gaining strength, increasing muscle density etc.

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Beyonce Workout Routine And Diet Plan For Her Slim And Toned Body

Judging from the way Beyonce present herself anywhere that she appears, it can be seen that she is very proud of her body and overall abilities. Beyonce always maintain her body in top shape, and have some of the most spectacular pictures and stunning music videos around.


One of the very few instances where Beyonce has been out of shape is when she was pregnant with her baby Blue Ivy. But Beyonce showed her ambition to always have her body looking dazzling by dropping all the weight she gained during the pregnancy very soon after giving birth.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

How Skinny Fat People Can Get In Shape

You must have heard the term skinny fat before. Skinny fat people are chubby but at the same time they are not very big, and they possess some skinny characteristics. Skinny fat people are close to their target weight, but are soft all over. Honestly, fixing skinny fat syndrome is not very hard, but lots of people don't go after it the correct way.

Many People Remain Skinny Fat Even After Training For A Long Time

From my observation, a good number of the people in the gyms I have visited are skinny fat. A lot of people workout very hard yet don't display the level of muscle tone that they should.

Search through YouTube and you'll see many examples of this. There are tons of videos there of people working their butt off, but still don't possess impressive physiques.

How To Build Muscle Mass With Bodyweight Exercises

Do bodyweight exercises such as pushups build muscle mass?

Lots of people want to know if they can build muscle mass by just doing bodyweight exercises such as pushups and pullups. Well the answer to this question depends on how much muscle you want to build and the way you perform the exercises.

The common problem with bodyweight exercises like pushups is that you quickly get too strong for them to be challenging. Just going higher with the number of reps you are doing is not very effective for building muscle mass with bodyweight exercises neither.